Adrian Peterson Not Helping Himself

Vikings helmetLook, no one is ever going to confuse Adrian Peterson with a rocket scientist, but for a man who ran afoul of the law after beating his son and was suspended with pay by the Minnesota Vikings, he shows a remarkable lack of humility, gratitude and intelligence in the wake of all that.

Peterson went on a nine-post Twitter rant yesterday to protest what he perceives as mistreatment by the Vikings and their lack of honoring his contract. Ummm…last time I checked the Vikings could have just released him after his arrest. They would have been well within their rights had they done so. Just ask Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens. The Vikings didn’t do that and continued to pay him.

I think this is a blatant attempt to extort a contract extension and more money out of the Vikings, or piss them off enough so that they’ll trade him. From the start of his legal problems, he seemed to feel that the team had somehow disrespected him. I guess that’s because they suspended him. I ask, what were they supposed to do?

Now, to further “punish” the Vikings, Peterson has sat out the team’s OTAs, something you would think would be valuable for a guy who hasn’t played for a year! And how do you think his teammates feel about it? I’ll wager it’s not positive.

Peterson has insisted it’s not personal, it’s business. He claims he’s trying to secure his future with the franchise (read: extort money from them by holding out). Eric Weddle is doing something similar with the Chargers, though he’s in a much stronger position, given that he wasn’t arrested and suspended. It’s still wrong, but it doesn’t smell quite as bad.

Considering everything that happens, you’d think Peterson might show a little humility at what led to his suspension, show a little gratitude to the franchise that honored his contract and didn’t release him, and stop acting like someone who is entitled. Then again, if you read his rant and take everything into consideration, it’s not hard to see he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree and is getting some very bad advice from someone.

Time to zip the lip, put the smart phone away, and show that he’s still a player worthy of a new contract. How about this…. why doesn’t he honor his current contract. What a novel idea!

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podcastsEpisode eight of the Sports Microscope podcast is online! In this week’s edition, host Gene Gumbs pays tribute to the Sacred Heart University baseball team for capturing its fourth Northeast Conference tournament and earning a trip to the NCAA Division I tournament, takes a look at the state of Red Sox Nation, hops around Major League Baseball, and wonders about the thought process of some disgruntled NFL players.

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podcastsThe latest edition of the Sports Microscope podcast is online! This week’s episode includes talk about the NFL’s Deflategate penalties, the Players Championship, and all things Major League Baseball.

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Juan Nieves Latest MLB Scapegoat

scapegoatOn my podcast on Tuesday I talked about how the Milwaukee Brewers made Ron Roenicke the scapegoat for poor management decisions, injuries, and poor play. Roenicke was a good manager – winning seasons in three of his four years there. It’s not his fault that Ryan Braun perpetrated fraud and is a shadow of the player he was while on the juice. It’s not his fault that Kyle Lohse and Mike Fiers have been human gas cans.

Fast forward to Thursday when the Red Sox jettisoned Juan Nieves because the team’s starting pitching has an era close to six. Nieves, who came to Boston in 2013, didn’t sign any of those guys. He didn’t decide that it was a good idea to sign Wade Miley, a guy with a career WHIP of 1.4 in the National League that doesn’t have the designated hitter.

He didn’t decide to bring back Justin Masterson, the guy who let the population of a small country reach base last season. Trading John Lackey for Joe Kelly and Alan Craig (both on their way to being busts and out of town) wasn’t his idea either.

In fact, the only starter he may have failed to improve is Clay Buchholz – at least he has a three-year history with him.

The only smart signing the Red Sox made, in my opinion, is Rick Porcello. He has the makings of an ace – or a solid #2 at worst. Yet, despite that, Juan Nieves is given the boot because Ben Cherington made some bad decisions. Why aren’t the owners holding his feet to the fire? Perhaps they are, and the firing of Nieves is Cherington’s Hail Mary in trying to save his job.

The guy I felt even worse for was John Farrell. They threw him in front of the media to say all the right things. It couldn’t have been easy for him. He and Nieves go back nearly thirty years together, and Farrell handpicked him to join the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, until Major League Baseball stops making player contracts guaranteed, coaches and managers will continue to be fired to cover up poor management upstairs. I’ll bet Ron Roenicke would love to have been able to fire a couple of players, if it wasn’t going to cost the team the contract money anyway. I’d bet my house that Juan Nieves would have been only too happy to give Wade Miley his walking papers.

Sadly, the scapegoat parade continues – and Juan Nieves won’t be the last one this season.

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