MLB Free Agent Contracts Reaching New Heights

David Price

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The monopoly-money carousel turned a little faster this week when David Price (31 million/year) and Zack Greinke (34 million/year) signed new MLB free agent contracts. Add to that a flurry of trades, and the recent general manager meetings in Nashville have been the busiest in years. In his latest podcast, Sports Microscope host Gene Gumbs breaks down all the recent activity.

Heck, compared to the numbers that Price and Greinke got, the 16 million a year for John Lackey seems like chump change. Johnny Cueto recently turned down 20 million a year from Arizona. As one of the last big free agent pitchers yet to sign, some desperate team is liable to step up and offer him 25 million. It’s down right ridiculous.

To be sure, the Price signing, and the other moves they Red Sox made, moves Boston right to the top of the class in the American League – at least on paper. Ask the San Diego Padres how their paper championship worked out last year. In addition to Price, the Red Sox got one of the best closers in the game in 27-year-old Craig Kimbrel, and then traded Wade Miley to get another great bullpen arm in Carson Smith, as well as Roenis Elias. Hell, the trade of Miley alone is addition by subtraction!

Likewise, the signing of Greinke, and then the trade for Shelby Miller with the Atlanta Braves, puts the Arizona Diamondbacks in the mix for the NL West title. They still probably need to add a bat or two, but a rotation that starts with Greinke, Miller, and a healthy Patrick Corbin ain’t bad.

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