What We Learned in MLB Last Night


A few things became pretty clear in Major League Baseball last night:


  1. Matt Harvey cannot easily set aside issues off the field. After he and his agent made a mess of an innings limit controversy Harvey came up pretty small on the field. He allowed 8 hits and seven runs in 5 1/3 innings. That performance is not likely to change the minds of thousands of Met fans who skewered the Connecticut native after he failed to temper the comments of his agent, Scott Boras.
  2. We also learned that the Washington National fans may have been justified in leaving in the seventh inning Monday night, drawing the ire of Bryce Harper, who blasted them. After blowing Monday night’s game late, on Tuesday the Nationals coughed up a 7-1 sixth-inning lead and lost to the Mets 8-7, effectively putting a fork in Washington’s playoff hopes. I wonder if Harper had anything interesting to say last night?
  3.  Teams have managers for a reason. The Boston Red Sox roster showed what happens when players try to think for themselves. A day after Pablo Sandoval and Blake Swihart tried to lay down bunts on their own early in a game on Monday, Rusney Castillo may have cost the Sox a chance to beat the Blue Jays on Tuesday. After David Ortiz singled with one out in the ninth of a 1-1 game, manager Torey Luvullo used Castillo as a pinch runner. Castillo then proceeded to try to steal second base on his own and was promptly gunned down by Russell Martin.

Now I’m not saying these guys are dopes (exactly), but it does seem to me to be the perfect example of why it is always important to stop and take a minute to think before you speak or act – MLB players included. If you don’t, you had better be prepared to take responsibility for the fallout.